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The 2022 Family Business Achievement Awards will recognize organizations that have demonstrated best practices in keeping the business within the family for at minimum, one generational transfer (i.e. second-generation businesses or older).
Eligible award nominees must have a minimum of two family members involved in the organization, and be privately held. A family member is defined as siblings, spouses, children, grandchildren, or cousins. They may be from a single generation or multi-generations. Must have a physical location in Northeast Ohio.

The 2022 Business Longevity Awards will recognize non-family organizations who have reached 50 years in business and how they have survived and thrived.
Eligible award nominees must have been in business for a minimum of 50 years and have a physical location in Northeast Ohio. 

Complete all the information on the nomination form.
SECTION ONE: Provide basic contact information about the person submitting the nomination form. This individual will likely represent the nominated company or individual or be familiar with the company’s operations.
SECTION TWO: Provide basic information about the person being nominated, including company size and industry.
SECTION THREE: Explain why the Nominee should be recognized with a Family Business Achievement Award or a Business Longevity Award. Provide a brief description that includes the "what," "how," and "why" to support the nomination. Essays can be as short as a single paragraph or as long as necessary to fully explain to the judges the merit of the Nominee. Please keep in mind that the more specific detail provided to the judges, the greater the opportunity the Nominee will have to be recognized.

2022 award winners will be honored in September at the Family Business & Business Longevity Conference.
For more information, please contact Suzi Linn at 440.250.7011 or